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THE POSITION - General Description
The Associate Railroad Track Inspector under administrative direction conducts complex investigative and surveillance activities with respect to enforcement of the Federal Railroad Administration's Track Safety Standards. Incumbents make comprehensive track structure inspections and investigates adequacy of track maintenance methods and general railroad safety; makes recommendations of proper corrective action to be taken in order to bring railroad tracks into compliance with the Federal Track Safety Standards; audits Common Carrier railroad track maintenance records to determine adequacy of the track for the prescribed speeds in accordance with the Federal Track Safety Standards; interprets and confirms results of surveys carried out by track geometry cars and conducts investigations of railroad accidents; assists in the preparation of reports and exhibits, and does other job-related work as required.

Although the California Public Utilities Commission does not specifically test for physical ability in this exam, candidates must be aware that the position requires the ability to walk long distances, to withstand extreme temperatures for extended periods of time, and to climb onto or otherwise access potentially dangerous equipment during inspections.

NOTE: All applicants must meet the education and/or experience requirements for this examination by the cut off date established by the testing office.

Qualifying experience may be combined on a proportionate basis if the requirements stated below include more than one pattern and are distinguished as "Either" I, "or" II, "or" III, etc. For example, candidates who possess qualifying experience amounting to 50% of the required time in Pattern I, and additional experience amounting to 50% of the required time in Pattern II, may be admitted to an examination as meeting 100% of the overall experience requirement.

Certification: Completion of a training program prescribed by the Federal Railroad Administration in railroad track inspection; and

Either I

One year of experience in the California state service performing the duties of an Assistant Railroad Track Inspector, Public Utilities Commission.

Three years of experience as a State or Federal Railroad Inspector engaged primarily in the inspection of track.

Six years of progressively responsible experience in railroad track construction and maintenance at a level of responsibility equivalent to an assistant roadmaster, roadmaster, assistant division engineer, or track supervisor.

(A Bachelor's Degree in Engineering or a related technical specialization may be substituted for three of the six years of the required experience under Pattern III above.)

This examination will consist of a written exercise weighted 100%. In order to obtain a position on the eligible list, a minimum rating of 70% must be attained in the examination process. Candidates who do not appear for their scheduled examination will be withdrawn from the examination process.

The PUC reserves the right to modify the selection process as necessary to conform to administrative or business necessity.

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