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Detailed information on the classification that you specified is provided below.

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THE POSITION - General Description
A Program Manager plans and organizes the work and directs the staff of a section in a division at the CPUC concerned with service, safety, certification, operations, earnings, valuation and rates of one or more types of public utilities, including that involving presentations before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and the Federal Communications Commission concerning electrical, telephone and telegraph, and natural gas producing and transmission companies; coordinates the work of a branch with that of other branches of the Division; confers with the Director of the Division, the Commissioners, and the heads of other divisions and branches on matters pertaining to utility regulation participates in hearings and testifies as an expert witness in proceedings before the Public Utilities Commission, Federal Commissions, and courts; upon assignment, represents the Division in formal matters before the Public Utilities Commission and Federal Commissions; carries out special assignments and studies; meets with officials of the utilities, Federal, State, County, City Governments, and Civic organizations on matters dealing with public utility regulation and related subjects; and does other job-related work as required.

All applicants must meet the education and/or experience requirements for this examination by the cut off date established by the testing office.

Qualifying experience may be combined on a proportionate basis if the requirements stated below include more than one pattern and are distinguished as "Either" I, "or" II, "or" III, etc. For example, candidates possessing qualifying experience amounting to 50% of the required time in Pattern I, and additional experience amounting to 50% of the required time in Pattern II, may be admitted to an examination as meeting 100% of the overall experience requirement.

Either I
One year of experience at the level of Program and Project Supervisor, Public Utilities Commission in the California state service; or

One year of experience at the level of Public Utilities Regulatory Analyst V in the California state service; or

Two years of experience at the level of Senior Utilities Engineer with the California Public Utilities Commission; or

Two years of experience in the California state service performing economic, engineering, financial or statistical analysis related to the regulation of a gas, electric, communications or water utility in a class at the level of Public Utilities Regulatory Analyst IV.

Experience: Broad, extensive (more than five years) and progressively responsible technical experience with a gas, electric, communications, or water utility, or with an allied industry involving familiarity with the operation of one of these utilities or with a utility regulatory agency. At least two years of this experience shall have been in a responsible administrative capacity. (Experience in the California state service applied toward this requirement must include at least one year performing the duties of a class at least equivalent to Program and Project Supervisor, Public Utilities Commission, or Public Utilities Regulatory Analyst V.); and

Education: Equivalent to graduation from college with major work in engineering, economics, public policy, accounting, statistics or other related fields. (Additional qualifying experience may be substituted for the required education on a year-for-year basis.)

This examination will consist of a Training and Experience Assessment weighted 100%. To obtain a position on the eligible list, a minimum rating of 70.00% must be attained in the Assessment.

Applicants who meet the minimum qualifications will be sent an e-mail with a link to a Training and Experience Assessment Questionnaire, which is designed to identify a range of information regarding each candidate's knowledge, skills, abilities and experience to effectively perform the duties required in the classification.

Candidates must complete and return the questionnaire to a designated email address by the date specified in the notice in order to be rated. Candidates failing to return the questionnaire by the specified date shall be eliminated from the rating process.

The PUC reserves the right to modify the selection process as necessary to conform to administrative or business necessity.

Please click on the "Exam Details" link below to view exam bulletin for further details.

Exam Details
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