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Detailed information on the classification that you specified is provided below.

A Range of Dates
Career Exec for State Employees

Please click on the "Exam Details" link below to view exam bulletin for further details on the duties and responsibilities of this position.

All applicants must possess the knowledge and abilities, and other requirements, described in this bulletin.

Note: Eligibility to take a CEA examination does not require current permanent status in the civil service.

Additional information about the CEA classification is available on the California Department of Human Resources website.

Please click on the "Exam Details" link below to view exam bulletin for further details of specific exam salary range and exam description.



***FINAL FILING DATE: October 20, 2017***

**Note: Previous applicants need not reapply as all previous applicants are still being considered.**

Applicants who fail to submit the Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) by the final filing date will be eliminated from this examination process.

Interested applicants must submit

- An online application at Apply Now (Exam code: 7UC06.)

-A "Statement of Qualifications". The Statement is a narrative discussion of how the candidate's education, training, experience, and skills meet the desirable qualifications and qualify them for the position. The Statement of Qualifications serves as a documentation of each candidate's ability to present information clearly and concisely in writing. The SOQ shall be single-spaced, Times New Roman 12-point font and not to exceed three (3) typewritten pages.

- Resumes do not take the place of the Statement of Qualifications.

- The "Statement of Qualifications" should specifically address the desirable qualifications identified above.



A minimum rating of 70% must be attained to obtain list eligibility. Hiring interviews may be conducted with the most qualified candidates. All candidates will receive written notification of their examination results.

The result of this examination will be used to fill position(s) of CEA A - Advisor to a Commissioner, with the CALIFORNIA PUBLIC UTILITIES COMMISSION and may be used to fill subsequent vacancies for this position that are substantially the same for a period of up to 12 months; however, the examination may be reopened to supplement the number of qualified competitors.

The examination will consist of a review of each candidate’s application and Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) weighted 100%. The desirable qualifications listed on this bulletin will be used as the evaluation criteria to screen applications. It is critical that each applicant include specific information on how his/her background and knowledge and abilities meet the desirable qualifications.

Please click on the "Exam Details" link below to view exam bulletin for further details.

Exam Details

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