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PLEASE NOTE: To apply for a Public Utilities Regulatory Analyst exam, you must log in or create a CalCareer account with the California Department of Human Resources (CalHR).

Please click on the links below for more information and how to apply.

-Public Utilities Regulatory Analyst 1 Exam

-Public Utilities Regulatory Analyst 2 Exam

-Public Utilities Regulatory Analyst 3 Exam

-Public Utilities Regulatory Analyst 4 Exam

-Public Utilities Regulatory Analyst 5 Exam


Online Employment Center

If you are a first time user and would like to apply for one of the open exams listed below, you must first register. In order to register and use the online employment center, you will need a valid email address. If you do not currently have an email address, you can obtain a free internet email account from many websites, including and To access the employment center's registration page, click here.

NOTE: When filling out information in the application, please ensure that the information you enter is in a text only format. If you are copying and pasting information from a Word document, try this: save the Word document as text, open it in Notepad, copy and paste the information from Notepad. This will take out any of the Word formatting or special characters (even ones that you can not see on the screen).

Current Exams - The following is a list of other available CPUC-administered exams for which we are currently accepting applications.

Exam TitleExam No.Last day
to apply
Who May ApplyOpen Date
ADMINISTRATIVE LAW JUDGE I, PUC9UC02Open to Public4/11/2019Apply now!Exam Details
PROGRAM AND PROJECT SUPERVISOR, PUC5UCPSOpen to Public7/29/2015Apply now!Exam Details
PROGRAM MANAGER, PUC5UCPMOpen to Public7/29/2015Apply now!Exam Details
SENIOR UTILITIES ENGINEER (SPECIALIST)5UCSPOpen to Public7/22/2015Apply now!Exam Details
SENIOR UTILITIES ENGINEER (SUPERVISOR)5UCSUOpen to Public7/22/2015Apply now!Exam Details
UTILITIES ENGINEER10UC03Open to Public5/5/2010Apply now!Exam Details

2019/2020 Examination Schedule

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